J. T. Trowbridge, The South: A Tour of Its Battlefields and Ruined Cities, 1866, p. 103



 1.  Building in New Bern, NC

 2. Thomas D. Means plantation Brunswick            County 

 3.  Wilmington, NC

 4.  Bank of NC

 5.  Mr. Pennington's property


6.  Ms. Toomer restoration

 7.   Mr. Mordecai

 8.  Mr. J.L. Randolph, Wilmington

 9.  Senator Dortch, Goldsboro

10.  Mr. S.B. Kahnweller?,  Wilmington

11.  Anthony, James, and Ezekiel

 committee of  Freedmen of Kinston


12.  Miss Pasteur

13.  Mr. Cuthbar?

14.  Bank of A.C.

15.  Mr. John D. Bellamy, Wilmington

16.  Mr. O.G. Parsley Wilmington